10 Times BLACKPINK Teased The Hell Out Of Their Support Staff

If BLACKPINK wants to play, everyone has to play. Even their managers.

1. When they laughed at this manager’s athletic skills

This BLACKPINK manager used to be a bowler. He planned to show BLACKPINK the proper way to throw a ball, but…

…it didn’t go as planned!

When his ball rolled into the gutter, Lisa and Jennie started laughing and couldn’t stop!


2. When they attacked Krunk

On an episode of BLACKPINK House, a staff member dressed as YG Entertainment‘s mascot, Krunk, paid BLACKPINK a visit.

After the bear danced to “BOOMBAYAH”, BLACKPINK turned into a group of 5-year-olds and tried to twist his head around.

They also told him he should practice his dancing more!


3. When they put a camera-shy manager on camera…


4. …more than once!

Some groups don’t interact with their staff much on camera but, unfortunately for BLACKPINK’s staff, BLACKPINK is not one of those groups. While Jennie and Lisa were playing around on an escalator, they accidentally filmed their manager in the background. When he ducked his head to avoid the camera, Lisa pointed and laughed at him!


5. When Lisa blamed this manager for her problems

Lisa wanted to get a cute toy from this machine, so she asked a manager for change. When he said he didn’t have any to give her, she blamed him for not being able to get the toy!


6. When they added insult to injury…literally

After Jisoo pointed out a cut on this staff member’s leg, Lisa decided to investigate it.

Yep, Lisa, it’s really bleeding!


7. When they called out their managers for being hypocrites

BLACKPINK’s managers told the members not to run around, in order to avoid being chased by these dogs, but then did it themselves.

Jennie wasn’t going to let that slide. She jokingly called out the managers for not following the same rules.


8. When they talked about their manager’s love life during a live stream

This savage duo told fans that their manager dresses nicely because he’s probably dating someone. They jokingly said that he needs to find a wife…

…or husband!


9. When Lisa involved this manager in her playtime


10. When they were supposed to wash this staff member’s hair…but soaked his face instead

So refreshing!