10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Rocked A Plaid Outfit And Looked Hot AF

Jennie can rock anything!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is a top-tier fashion icon, of that there is no doubt. Fans love her chic visuals that are complemented by her impeccable taste in fashion, and believe she’d look like a goddess even in the simplest of outfits (though Jennie’s too much of a fashion queen to keep it too simple!) Here are 10+ times Jennie rocked the prettiest plaid outfits, and looked super chic and cool!

1. Plaid top and matching cover-up

Jennie’s looks so pretty in this outfit, it’s hard to believe its just a casual look!


2. Plaid dress

She looks like a sexy model in this outfit!


3. Plaid skirt and white crop top

Jennie looks gorgeous in this outfit!


4. Green plaid skirt and black off-shoulder top

Jennie’s seriously killing it in this outfit!


5. Plaid top and skirt

Wearing this outfit over a white crop top is a stroke of genius!


6. Pastel plaid skirt with a black and pink top

Jennie’s such a queen!


7. Red and white plaid skirt

She’s the definition of a chic outfit!


8. Plaid mini-dress

Jennie’s got a great figure, and she’s not afraid to flaunt it!


9. Plaid pantsuit

She’s the picture of class and elegance in this outfit!


10. Red and black plaid skirt with matching plaid bow

She looks so pretty in this outfit!


11. Plaid shirt as a cover-up

Even in casuals, Jennie looks like a fashionista!


12. Black and pink plaid skirt



13. Blue and yellow plaid skirt with yellow top

She’s like a little ball of sunshine!


14. Plaid crop top and black shorts

Jennie’s keepin’ it classy in this outfit!


15. Plaid romper

She looks super sexy in this outfit!