10 Times BTS Covered Girl Group Dances And Were Fabulous

Girl group dance unit.

BTS are known for their sharp and synchronized choreography, making them one of the most recognized dancing groups in K-Pop.

BTS dancing to their song “DNA”.

BTS has also shown that they can absolutely slay at girl group dances as well. Here are 10 moments of BTS being absolutely fabulous.

1. “Miniskirt” (AOA)

2. “Very Very Very” (IOI)

3. “Ice Cream Cake” (Red Velvet)

4. “Like Ooh-Ahh” (TWICE)

5. “Mr. Mr.” (Girls’ Generation)

6. “Something” (Girls’ Day)

7. “Up & Down” (EXID)

8. “No No No” (Apink)

9. “Whatcha Doin’ Today” (4minute)

10. “Up & Down” (EXID), RM version