10 Times BTS Jimin’s Core And Abs Let Him Show Off His Strength To The World

It’s so hard to do #2 as cleanly as Jimin.

BTS‘s Jimin has enough core strength to do just about anything! Whether he’s doing an aerial cartwheel or soaring through the sky with a spin kick, he can do the most shocking stunts with ease. Check out 10 times he wowed fans with his impressive strength and skills!

1. Defying gravity

Who needs the ground?

2. Stepping over an imaginary box

That’s right — There’s actually nothing there.

3. Standing up like this

He doesn’t need help from anyone to instantly get on his feet.

4. His signature flip

He’s got skills.

5. Acting like he’s in The Matrix

If you’ve ever tried this, you know it’s harder than it looks!

6. Doing these moves back-to-back

Jimin is made of muscle so this is easy for him.

7. Leaping into outer space

Really, how is this possible?

8. This whole stunning routine

It might look pretty, but it takes a whole lot of strength.

9. B-boying his heart out

He was meant for the stage.

10. Doing an aerial cartwheel

Now he’s just showing off!


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