10 Times BTS’s Jimin Walked The Walk — Runway Model Debut When?

It’s criminal he hasn’t been allowed to walk yet.

BTS‘s Jimin is unique from head to toe, including his charismatic gait. In a recent post on a Korean forum, netizens are swooning over Jimin’s model walk. Check out 10 times he showed that making you fall for him is as easy as taking a few steps!

1. You can instantly spot Jimin from the way he walks.

He stands out in the crowd.

2. He has the atmosphere of a celebrity.

Making ARMYs starstruck since day one!

3. It’s completely unique to him.

You don’t have to look twice to know Jimin’s cool silhouette.

4. His legs are also ridiculously long.

His proportions are amazing!

5. He pretty much just floats wherever he goes.

It must be those dancer genetics.

6. Did someone say “boyfriend material?”

That’s definitely the vibe.

7. Netizens swoon over his manly and sexy gait.

You can’t blame them!

8. He was clearly meant for the stage.

On his way to put on a killer performance!

9. If you’re ever lucky enough to encounter Jimin at an airport…

…you’ll recognize him instantly!

10. So, when is his runway debut?

The whole world is waiting for model Jimin!