10 Times BTS Jimin’s Small Acts of Kindness Reminded Us The World Isn’t All Bad

Jimin’s tiny random acts of kindness will restore your faith in humanity.

1. When he peeled Suga’s hardboiled egg for him.


2. When he guided this camera operator.

Jimin helped this backward-walking staff member avoid obstacles by offering a helping hand.


3. When he helped Jungkook keep his balance.

Jimin went into hyung mode to help his favourite maknae out. He held on to Jungkook as he tied his sweater, to make sure Jungkook wouldn’t accidentally topple backward.


4. When he held the door open for all 6 of his members.

His parents must be proud of his excellent manners!


5. When he protected Jungkook from traffic.

Jimin automatically reached out to hold Jungkook back when he strayed a little bit too close to this busy road.


6. When he helped his members out, even when injured.

Jimin’s injured hand didn’t stop him from tracking down the lizard that had frightened his friends.


7. When he bowed politely to this security guard.

Jimin never fails to show others how much he appreciates them!


8. When he picked up this kid’s fallen hat.


9. When he checked the stage for safety issues, to protect his members from harm.


10. When he rubbed a cramp out of Suga’s leg.

Jimin immediately helped out his hyung as soon as he mentioned his discomfort. Jimin was also Suga’s number one cheerleader during this basketball game!