10 Times BTS’s Jin Showered His Members With Warm Hugs And Made Them Feel Loved

He’s a sweetheart ❤️

As the oldest member of BTS, Jin makes sure to take good care of the younger members. One way he does this is by showing them that they’re loved—in other words, he gives them lots of warm hugs. Physical touch is his way to go, especially towards Jimin and Jungkook!

Check out some examples below!

1. When he stopped Jimin from falling to the sea

2. When Jimin excitedly leaned in for a hug

3. When Jungkook melted because of his hug

4. When he and Jimin matched clothes and basically became one person

5. When he warmly hugged Jimin at an awards show

6. When he put his arm around Jungkook and patted his head

7. When he tightly embraced Jungkook

8. When Jimin looked super proud to hug him

9. When V felt comforted by his embrace

10. Finally, when he and J-Hope rocked back and forth together

Who wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of Jin’s hugs?