10 Times BTS Jungkook Was Too Cute For This World

Jungkook melts our hearts.

The golden maknae of BTS is adorable all the time. These are ten moments when he was too cute for this world.

#1 – When he lifted Jin in the air

Jungkook showed how adorable he was and also his impressive strength when he picked up Jin during a hug on Run! BTS.

#2 – When he threw something into the crowd

While giving out goodies, Jungkook was worried for a second that he hurt someone and it’s the cutest thing ever.

#3 – When he teased V during his speech

Jungkook teasing V while he’s trying to give an acceptance speech is why he’s so lovable.

#4 – While wearing a pig hat

During their new years Bangtan Bomb, all of BTS looked cute in their pig hats but Jungkook and his finger hearts had our hearts melted.

#5 – Whenever he takes a selfie

Jungkook has this uncanny ability to look amazing in any selfie he takes.

#6 – Whenever he looks at the camera

Jungkook can always find the camera and when he does, he makes sure to give us all a gift.

#7 – When he climbed in a shopping cart

He fits very snugly in that shopping cart!

#8 – When he chews bubble gum

This picture speaks for itself. That impressive bubble Jungkook is blowing and that adorable headwear combine to form an adorable image.

#9 – Ever since day one

Young Jungkook reacting to being cheered on by A.R.M.Y is incredibly cute. He’s been warming hearts ever since debut.

#10 – When he’s sleepy

We all get sleepy sometimes. Jungkook being sleepy is particularly cute though. Rest well Jungkook!

There are innumerable times that Jungkook has been a cutie and he will continue to be his cute self into the future. Keep going Jungkook!


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