10 Times The BTS Members Couldn’t Get Enough Of RM

We don’t blame them 😂

BTS‘s RM is kind, talented, smart, and a host of other positive characteristics—what’s not to love about him? His members seem to agree because they quite obviously can’t get enough of him!

Here are 10 times the boys didn’t hide their love for RM.

1. When RM allowed his cheeks to be squeezed repeatedly

His hilarious, neutral expression is one for the books.

2. When Jimin put his face on RM’s shoulder

Gotta love how he lets Jimin do whatever he wants!

3. When Jungkook bit RM’s shoulder

It’s hard to imagine what Jungkook was thinking, but he definitely made everybody’s day.

4. When Jin kissed RM’s cheek

The bromance is strong between them.

5. When Jin got closer and closer to RM’s face

Is there something these two aren’t telling us?

6. When Jimin clung to RM

Touchy Jimin is absolutely adorable!

7. When Suga fell on RM’s lap

Anybody can see that they get along well.

8. When Jungkook gazed lovingly at RM

Same, Jungkook. Same.

9. When Jin gazed straight at RM’s eyes

He isn’t even trying to hide his love.

10. When Jimin hugged RM

Let’s be real—Jimin is an accurate representation of the entire ARMY fandom.

There’s nothing more precious than the bond RM has with his members!