10 Times BTS Proved That They Are Beasts When It Comes To Food

Food fighters!

BTS are known to be kings of eating as seen in various clips and photos throughout the years. Due to the amount of hardcore energy they use to practice and prepare for performances, it is no surprise that they have huge appetites. Here’s a list that shows just how much they can eat!

1. Rice Cake Dumping Soup

This photo shows just how much goes into one pot of soup for the members. They used 30 large dumplings and six servings of rice cake to make this soup.

2. Improvised Rice Cake Dumping Soup

On a different day, they also made rice cake dumping soup but added tteokboki rice cake to it because they didn’t have enough rice cake.

3. Half Soup, Half Meat

It seems like the members have a large hand when it comes to making food. The amount of food they make could feed way more than 7 members. This photo is supposed to be of rice cake soup, but it could pass for being beef soup instead.

4. Pasta

Yes, the pot Jin is holding is what they believe to be four servings of pasta.

5. Chicken

One box of chicken per person please. (Note all the side salads piled up in the middle. Who needs greens when you have chicken though, right?)

6. Ramen

In the world of BTS, it’s only natural to have six cups of ramen per person.

7. Tteokbokki And Soondae

Tteokbokki (spicy rice cake) and soondae (blood sausage) is a popular snack combo in Korea. It’s only right that they each have one set each.


While grilling up some meat, they state that they need to cook 14 packages of ramen for it to be enough for them when eating bbq.

9. Seafood vs Meat

The members split into seafood vs. meat lovers when eating together. In this photo, Jin ate 6 of the 20 lobsters that they ordered.

10. Pizza

At this point, it comes as no surprise that they are eating one box of pizza each.

Although perfecting their craft takes an unimaginable amount of practice, fans hope that they will be able to eat and rest well too.