10 Times BTS Proved They’re The Craziest Idols In The Industry

BTS have such a close bond that the members are always playing around together, especially in behind the scenes videos. Here are 10 times that BTS tried to ruin each other’s behind the scenes photos!

#1 When V and Jimin successfully distracted Jin from a photo shoot

#2 When Jungkook tried to distract Rap Monster from a photoshoot

#3 When Jungkook and Jimin teamed up against Jhope

#4 When Jimin kept trying to make Jhope lose focus

#5 When Jin interrupted Suga’s speech in the cutest way

#6 When Jungkook was being too vain

#7 When Jimin was trying his best to make Jungkook laugh

#8 When Suga wanted Jin to lose a staring contest against ARMY

#9 When Jhope started mocking Jin’s dance

#10 When Jimin was trying to stop Jungkook’s speech