10+ Times BTS Took Bromance To The Next Level

Fans can’t get over BTS’s skinship!

Any member of BTS is hot enough on his own, but when the entire group decides to turn up the heat, fans can’t stop crying, “FIRE!”.


1. When this incredibly sexy moment happened during a performance, fans wondered if they should shield their eyes too…

…but they couldn’t resist watching it.


2. That time J-Hope and Jimin shared sizzling eye-contact.


3. When Jungkook rubbed his hands along Jin’s butt…

.. Jin cried, “Stop touching!”.


4. While dressed in school uniforms, V nearly kissed Jungkook…


…but Jimin wouldn’t allow it!


5. Jimin wanted Jungkook all to himself!


6. Old school BTS fans may remember this Rookie King kiss between J-Hope and Jimin.


7. This adorable peck between V and Jimin will brighten up any fan’s day.


8. Jungkook and J-Hope shared this awkward almost-kiss…


…and RM’s and Suga’s expressions showed exactly what fans were feeling.


9. How can so much bromance fit in one practice room?


10. During the “Boy in Luv” music video shooting, Jungkook practiced his confession on Suga.


11. Jin also practiced his role. First, he practiced on Jimin…


…then he practiced on J-Hope.


12. Fans went crazy over this on-stage love triangle


13. Jin petted his precious baby, Jungkook.


14. The members checked out Jimin’s abs during a performance.

What? They were just curious.


15. Jimin’s hands have a habit of getting into trouble.


16. Suga made fans say “aww” when he held V’s hand.


17. RM’s embrace made J-Hope blush.


18. Jimin tried to seduce V with a little dance.


19. V felt up Jungkook in the bathroom.


20. The bromance never stops, even while they’re sleeping!