10 Times BTS V’s Beautiful Stage Outfits Had Us Absolutely Shook

His top-tier visuals help him pull off anything!

BTS‘s V absolutely shines onstage, and fans are constantly in awe of his talent and visuals. Here are 10 times V wore the most beautiful stage outfits, and had us absolutely shook!

1. This flower-patterned jacket and ruffled color shirt

V looked ethereal in this outfit!


2. All-blue outfit

When V performed in this all-blue outfit, he totally crushed it, completing it with his suave moves and heavenly vocals!


3. All-black with a shimmery jacket

V adds color to his all-black ensemble with this shimmery jacket, and makes the whole outfit 10 times better!


4. All-pink everything

V totally stood out in this all-pink outfit, and looked incredibly perfect.


5. Oversized white shirt and jeans

This one is a simple, very basic outfit, but he totally made it his own with his top-tier visuals!


6. Forest green jacket and black shirt with ruffled cuffs

He looks amazing in this outfit!


7. Silver satin shirt and black pants

V is ethereal on stage.


8. Sunflower shirt

V totally owned this sunflower shirt!


9. Black feather jacket

This black feather jacket V donned during a performance remains a fan-favorite!


10. All-white outfit

V’s all-white outfit forms a sharp contrast with his bleu hair, and makes him stand out beautifully!