10 Times BTS’s V Rocked The Perfect Boyfriend Look

He’s made of 100% boyfriend material 💜

BTS‘s V is made of 100% boyfriend material!

BTS’s V | BTS/Weverse

Netizens define the perfect boyfriend look as the types of outfits they’d want their future or current boyfriends to wear. V’s impeccable fashion sense makes him a great example of the perfect boyfriend look.

Here are 10 of V’s best boyfriend looks!

1. Brown coat boyfriend

The brown curly hair, the brown coat, the green sweater peeking out—all of this is just SCREAMING boyfriend!

2. Casual boyfriend

He looks like a boyfriend who’s ready for a casual hangout in his plain white T-shirt and baseball cap!

3. Artistic boyfriend

He looks like an artistic boyfriend who’s ready to start painting a portrait of you at any moment!

4. Puffy coat boyfriend

We could definitely fall in love with this cute guy on the subway!

5. Dressed in black boyfriend

His wavy hair and gorgeous smile are the perfect additions to this all-black casual look!

6. Dog-loving boyfriend

V looks adorable in his brown sweater, and we’ll never get over how adoringly he looks at his dog, Yeontan!

7. On-campus boyfriend

He looks like the guy everybody on campus has a crush on!

8. Just woke up boyfriend

Seriously, he looks amazing even when he’s not trying!

9. Adorable boyfriend

V looks amazing in this sweater, and his “TATA Mic” face is beyond adorable!

10. Indie band boyfriend

With this outfit, his blue hair, and the guitar, V looks like everyone’s new favorite indie band member!


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