10 Times BTS’ V Was The Ultimate Fanboy Of “Cypher”

V is an ARMY.

BTS aren’t afraid to show support for each other and V is no exception to this. V has shown on multiple occasions how much he loves the rap line, especially when they perform “Cypher”. Here are 10 times V couldn’t hide his inner ARMY. 

1. Watching the rehearsal of “Cypher pt.3: KILLER”


2. Happily rehearsing for his own version of “Cypher pt.3: KILLER”

3. When “Cypher pt.4” started playing

4. Getting J-Hope involved when “Cypher pt.4” was playing

5. Rapping the lyrics of “Cypher pt.3: KILLER” to a sleeping RM

6. Just grooving to ” Cypher pt.4″

7. His actual performance of “Cypher pt.3: KILLER”

8. Reaction to “Cypher pt.3: KILLER” rehearsal again (featuring Jungkook)

9. Just rapping the lyrics of “Cypher pt.3: KILLER”

10. Rapping Suga’s part from “Cypher pt.3: KILLER”