10+ Times BTS’s V Showed Us How To Wear A Comfy Coat With Style

He looks amazing in coats!

BTS‘s V is known for his refined visuals, and they get even better when he’s seen in a comfy coat! Here are 10+ times V wore a coat, and had fans falling for his top-class visuals!

1. V in coats is such an aesthetic!


2. He gives off such mysteriously handsome vibes!


3. This blue coat is working for him!


4. His casual visuals are top-notch!


5. Fashion icon!


6. That smoldering gaze should be illegal!



7. His visuals are unreal!


8. He looks amazing!


9. This coat gives him such a refined vibe!


10. He looks so comfy in this grey coat!


11. He’s so pretty!


12. Only V can wear floral coats with such finesse!


13. He wears black so well!


14. He shines in this white coat!


15. He’s such a classy and handsome man!


16. He looks so good in this pink outfit!