10+ Times BTS’s V Wore A Sweater Vest In The Most Stylish Ways

Sweater vests are good for any occassion.

BTS‘s V is truly a fashion icon! Besides the fact that V looks handsome in everything he wears, he also simply just has amazing style! One thing V rocks very well are sweater vests!

1. V looks like quite the academic in this outfit!


2. Now this is cute!

Matching a cute sweater vest with an even cuter hat! V and this outfit are too adorable!


3. A Casual and comfy look!

A sweater vest can also be used for a casual look when you want to keep things on the more comfy side.


4. Music teacher V

With his glasses and nice sweater vest, V looks both like an academic as well as a musician!

5. Artistic in every way!

While many know V as an amazing singer, he’s also talented in other artistic areas such as painting, photography, and more. This outfit definitely shows he’s a true artist!

6. Sweet and youthful

This plain gray sweater vest matched with a cute string ribbon gives off a playful, sweet, and innocent vibe!

7. Bright and colorful!

Sweater vests can be extremely fun to play around with especially since many of them have bold colors and cool designs.,

8. Love the color scheme

The way colors go so well together makes this outfit just so satisfying!

9. Keep it simple!

It’s easy to dress up a sweater vest with several accessories, however, V proves they look good with a simple collar shirt underneath.

10. Loving the design!

Sweater vests are great for adding a bit of pop to your look! Although V is wearing a plain white long sleeve and brown pants with it, his sweater vest’s unique design catches your eye!

11. It’s nice for every occasion

Whether you want a more casual outfit or want a formal look, sweater vests can work for both.

12. This is the outfit of someone who gets work done!

V shows he’s ready to get down to business in this outfit! His tie, slacks, and bag show off his hard-working personality.

13. Easy and stylish

Picking an outfit can be hard. Not knowing how to accessorize or layer certain clothing items together is stressful yet V shows that a simple sweater vest can really make an outfit special.

14. Prim and preppy

Nothing is more prim and preppy than a sweater vest and beret!

15. Mix and match patterns and colors

You can match a lot of things with a sweater vest and this look proves it!




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