10+ Times BTS’s Jimin “Accidentally” Exposed His Shoulders While Dancing, Singing, Or Just Plain Breathing

Can something that happened so many times still be called an “accident”?

It’s no secret that BTS‘s Jimin‘s signature shoulder shimmy is well-known to both ARMYs and group members. BTS members take pleasure in teasing Jimin about it.

And ARMYs, like their idol group, also can’t get over the fact that Jimin says it’s an accident…

…even though it’s obvious that he intentionally does it.

Want to judge for yourself if this specific move is accidental or not? Here are 10+ times where you can see the “accidental” jacket flip in motion.

1. All the blood, sweat & tears sacrificed are worth it for this one moment

2. You’ve been hit by a smooth criminal

3. Jimin may insist that this was accidental, but how about the others?

4. He sure knows how to set the stage on fire with this move

5. If you listen closely, you can hear his shoulder begging to be seen

6. Maybe he’s just…clumsy?

7. Looking at this, though, you’d think it was done on purpose

8. Exposing only one shoulder is successful in playing with the minds of ARMYs

9. He’s not dancing, but the shoulder’s out to play

10. This was during a photoshoot, Jimin, don’t @ us

11. He knows what he’s doing and he’s not stopping for anybody

12. He finally admits that sometimes, he does his signature move on purpose

And it’s done with good reason, too — how else are you going to see this beauty in motion if he didn’t do what needed to be done?