10+ Times BTS’s Suga Gave Everyone A Reality Check

Savage Suga.

We all know just how savage BTS‘s Suga can be and sometimes he’s really just giving everyone a reality check to their senses. Although he may be a sweet cat at times, fans also love how down-to-earth and sarcastic he can be as well! Let’s take at look at a few moments he gave everyone a reality check!

1. Model? Nope, singer.

A fan once posted on Weverse, “He’s a model right? There’s no way he’s not,” and posted a picture of RM.

Suga didn’t go along with the post and blatantly answered, “He’s a singer.”

2. During his recent birthday live stream, a fan let him know that a birthday ad appeared on TV after their performance on Inkigayo.

Suga replied, “Wow TV ads actually still exist? I guess since not a lot of people watch TV these days the price to play an ad is probably significantly lower. Very interesting.”

3. While on set filming for a video

After he finished his scene of him breaking the windows, he comes to his senses and takes things realistically.

Suga: I feel bad for this shop owner. He didn’t do anything wrong. He will probably go to work and see this mess and be very mad.

4. Arriving at BTS Pop-Up Store

Suga arrived earlier than the other members and waited for them so they could look around together.

“This feels like going to the mall with my mom as a kid. It never ends, why.”

5. Fan asks Suga to talk shit about their work

Suga’s response: What can you do..you’ve got to eat to live…

6. His advice to someone who wants to quit their job

Fan: Yoongi, I really want to quit my job these days…how can I get over this..show me some wisdom please.

Suga: I wonder how you will live and eat if you quit….

7. Simple is best

Fan: I want to go see Yoongi but what if my job doesn’t let me?

Suga: Quit.

8. While trying to figure out where BT21 lives

Suga: (realistic approach) The house pricing in Seoul is too expensive so they have to find a place to rent.

9. Correcting fan’s statement

“Jin, what do you think about working at a dentist? Every time I see your face I can’t close my mouth because you are too handsome.”

Suga: I think he’s going to have to change his job from a dental office to a joint clinic.

10. After seeing a post of Jin’s habit when he hugs someone…

Suga: Is he a Pachycephalosaurus or what?

The dinosaur Suga is talking about has a large head that head butts when fighting.

11. After seeing an accident in a game

V and J-Hope get into a crash during a game.

Suga: We’re going to need some insurance here.

We all love our savage Suga!