10 Times BTS’s Suga Wore Matching Clothes, Hair And Accessories With J-Hope

Matching shoes, clothes, necklaces and even hair — what else are they missing?

ARMYs love talking about how close BTS‘s Suga and J-Hope are with each other. After all, they coined the term “SOPE” themselves.

Sure, their closeness can be seen in the way they interact and bond together on camera.

But you can also get a glimpse of how deep their relationship is by checking out their matching clothes and accessories of their own choosing!

Here are ten moments that show just how much Suga and J-Hope love couple items:

1. Let’s start from the bottom up: first, their matching shoes

Looks like they styled it the same way, too.

2. Next is how they take their selcas

They started taking identical selcas a few years ago and this trend needs to come back.

3. Look who’s hiding in the corner

They didn’t do a BTS-centric live, no, this one was only about the dynamic duo “SOPE”.

4. Their shirts complement each other, just like their personalities

5. Matching accessories isn’t limited to things you can wear

They even have matching cups that they like to use on the plane.

6. Airport fashion never looked so good until they brought out these matching babies

7. Identical tracksuits, even though Suga hates exercising

Just imagine the amount of planning for this live: they made sure to bring their identical outfits to Japan!

These tracksuits are a different color, but they give out the same “SOPE” vibes.

8. Who needs necklaces with an overused pendant like heart when you have these smiley-faced treats?

9. Let’s talk about their outfits when they’re rehearsing

Maybe they coordinate their dance practice outfits every time J-Hope teaches the dance choreography to Suga secretly?

It can’t be just because of pure coincidence — 3 out of 3, what are the odds of that happening randomly?

10. And when all the clothes and accessories scream “couple outfits”, the only thing left to match is their hair

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