10+ Times BTS’s V Looked Dangerously Sexy While Performing On Stage — For Your Eyes Only

#9 started off innocently enough, but then V attacked ARMYs with his sexiness.

It seems like BTS‘s doesn’t have duality — he actually has “triality” since he has three different personas he shows to ARMYs.



V’s first personality is when he’s not performing on stage and when he’s simply interacting with the members, his bright, friendly and fluffy persona comes out.

This is when he loves caring for the people he loves and cuddling with his close friends like Jimin and Jungkook.

His second personality is his alluring persona whenever he’s interacting with the fans. Sometimes, he can be extremely sexy…

…while other times, he jokes with them so much that his “savage side” comes out.

And finally, V’s third personality is shown every time he performs on stage. Now, while his aegyo side can be seen, too, it’s his sexy stage personality that gets the fans every single time.

Here are 10+ moments when V expressed his dangerously sexy alter-ego on stage. Warning: this post may make you extremely thirsty so prepare your choice of drink before reading.

1. You’re a certified ARMY if you know where this performance is from

2. This bandana just upgraded his sexiness

3. V used double attack: all ARMYs are instantly destroyed!

4. It’s always captivating when an idol like V is fully engrossed in his work

5. The duality in this moment will have you shaking

6. Get you a man who can do hip thrusts and graceful dancing motions

7. Speaking of hip thrusts, hello

8. A little hair action to prepare you for the next gif below

9. This escalated quickly

10. Are you even a V stan if you haven’t watched this moment more than once?

11. Everything about this picture screams power

12. His hyungs were shook

13. The camera burst into flames after because of V’s hotness

14. When will you read this article again? Tomorrow~

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