10 Times BTS’s V Taught Us How To Stay Stylish Comfortably

Let us all learn from the expert!

Everyone wants to stay stylish, but most of the time people tend to sacrifice comfort in order to look more presentable. BTS‘s manages to do both – stay stylish and feel comfortable at the same time.

Here are 10 times BTS’s V taught us how to be stylish without sacrificing comfort.

1. Plaid never goes wrong!

V wore an all black outfit and added a plaid shirt to layer on top of his plain outfit giving it a pop of color!

2. Accessorize!

V wore his glasses and added a beret to add an extra detail to his outfit!

3. Printed tops are the easiest way to go!

The best piece to wear if you wanna look stylish, but don’t know how is to simply wear a printed top with your favorite plain bottoms, and V shows us just that in this look!

4. All you need is a stripped patterned shirt!

V showed us that sometimes all you need is a classic black and white stripped-top to give you that stylish look you want to achieve! He also wears his shoes as a slip-on which gives this look a more comfortable vibe!

5. Go for an all-white look!

V looks extremely comfortable and stylish in this all-white outfit where he is seen wearing a white pullover layered with a white vest on top, and paired with loose white paint splattered pants!

6. Don’t be afraid to wear something colorful!

Wearing loud printed clothing pieces can also be a good thing, so don’t be afraid to explore them!

7. Sleek and comfortable!

V showed us that you can stay in comfort and look stylish when wearing neutral pieces. He is wearing a brand printed shirt, and added a blazer on top which gives the whole look more class!

8. Pullovers can be stylish!

V manages to look stylish in this pullover with Jimin‘s meme printed on it. The road to being stylish includes trying new things out, so don’t be afraid to go wild when you do!

9. Plain and simple!

BTS’s V showed us that sometimes taking things simple can also be stylish! V is sporting an all black look with a snapback and he looks handsome as ever!

10. Match your jewelry!

V wore a necklace that matches the print on his top! It may not be noticeable from afar, but paying attention to details is also important when you want to look stylish, and V clearly teaches us that!