10+ Times Chungha Absolutely Shined Onstage In The Prettiest Stage Outfits

She’s got some of the prettiest stage outfits!

Chungha is one incredibly talented soloist! She can sing and dance extremely well, and is a visual powerhouse as well! Her stages are always rife with charisma and stage presence, and fans love watching her tear the stage apart! Here are 10+ times Chungha took to the stage in the prettiest stage outfits, and absolutely shone!

1. Chungha’s an absolute visual goddess in this wine-colored outfit!


2. This lace blouse on her is a masterpiece!


3. Only Chungha can slay ripped jeans like these!


4. The embroidered jacket is gorgeous on her!


5. White is such a good color on her!


6. This outfit looks so good on her!


7. Chungha’s killing it in these lace-up jeans!


8. This blue, flowy outfit is so beautiful!


9. Such a gorgeous queen!


10. Chungha’s giving off such sexy vibes in this all-black outfit!


11. Chungha’s charisma is off the charts!


12. Chungha is the queen of flowy outfits!


13. Chungha mixes casual and sexy in this outfit!


14. She’s a classy queen in this suit!


Celebrate her beauty and incredible talent by watching the MV for her latest music release, “Stay Tonight” below!