10 Times Chungha Was Handsome And Beautiful

Is 9 maybe her best styling era yet?

In a recent behind-the-scenes look at the filming for soloist Chungha‘s “Seasons Greetings,” the idol has a conversation with her stylists during which Chungha says that she’s “not pretty, but [she is] indeed handsome.”

Chungha | @CHUNG HA_Official/YouTube

Of course, her fans loved the confidence the idol displayed, and after all, no one can deny Chungha’s stunning visuals.

Here are 10 times that prove just how handsome and beautiful Chungha actually is.

1. When she first started stunning fans while competing in Produce 101

Any stage Chungha participated in, “Push Push,” “Bang Bang,” or “Fingertips,” left fans captivated.

2. When her visuals in “Wow Thing” were nothing short of ethereal

Everything about this color palette only highlights her beauty.

3. Anytime she performs on stage

There is a fierceness in Chungha’s eyes that comes alive every time she devours the stage.

4. Seriously, anytime she performs, she’s impossible to look away from

The background and her outfit are simple, but there is still something about her natural charisma that draws your eye.

5. When her passion for performing is palpable

You can feel the intensity in her gaze, see how perfectly placed her arms are. Chungha is nothing short of a perfectionist on stage, and her enthusiasm for performing only enhances her visuals.

6. When she proves she’s just as capable of rocking a suit as she is a dress

Even without a closeup on her face, you can still feel Chungha’s intensity as she pulls the audience in.

7. When she rocks a darker hair color that highlights her eyes

Chungha is an absolute natural at modeling. And in this photo, especially her eyes are soft and doe-like.

8. And when lighter hair gives her a fairy-like vibe

It is a simple photo, but, as always, Chungha’s visuals are impossible to not stare at.

9. When she proved she’s even prettier than flowers

All of Chungha’s music videos boast her stunning visuals, but “Play” definitely has top-tier styling.

10. When photos of her seem too beautiful to be real

Especially with her blonde hair, “Snapping” era, Chungha could easily be mistaken for some elven princess.

No matter the concept or styling, Chungha’s visuals are always jaw-dropping. So even if the idol believes that she is “only handsome,” she is clearly handsome and beautiful and any other synonym a thesaurus could suggest.