10+ Times Chungha Was The Queen Of Toned Physiques In The Cutest Crop Tops

Chungha is a confident ab queen in crop tops!

Alongside her amazing talents as a singer and dancer, Chungha is also known for her incredibly toned dancer’s physique that fans can’t get enough of! She boasts really fit and toned abs, and fans marvel over all her hard work! Here are 10+ times Chungha wore a crop top, and flaunted her ridiculously fit abs like the queen she is!

1. Chungha’s slaying everyone with her sexiness!


2. Queen of owning cute crop tops!


3. She has such an incredible physique!


4. She’s bringin’ all the heat with this outfit!


5. She’s crushing the sports bra fashion like the queen she is!


6. Another one for Chungha’s sports bra fashion game!


7. Chungha in this crop top is such a look!


8. Her visuals are unreal!


9. She’s a badass ab queen in this all-black outfit!


10. Chungha’s slaying this whole outfit!


11. Blonde Chungha needs a comeback!


12. “Rollercoaster” era Chungha had us blessed!


13. A whole queen!


14. Chungha in crop tops is a superior concept!


15. Her abs are ridiculously well-toned!


16. She looks gorgeous in these photos!


17. Ab queen!