10 Times CHUNGHA Showed Us That She Is The Ultimate Social Butterfly

She is the friendliest ever!

CHUNGHA posts a lot of photos on her personal Instagram account, and most of it seems to be with her friends!

CHUNGHA looks like she really enjoys hanging out with her friends and supporting them when they make their comeback!

Here are 10 adorable photos of CHUNGHA with her friends that shows just how much of a social butterfly she is!


CHUNGHA shows her friendship with the girls from WEKI MEKI as she supports their comeback as well!

2. CHUNGHA and Cosmic Girls’s EXY

CHUNGHA captioned the photo saying “Cosmic Girls, I love you.” and added a few hearts!


CHUNGHA seems to have a really close bond with f(x)‘s AMBER as they posed closely and cutely for the camera!

4. CHUNGHA and DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon

CHUNGHA and DIA‘s Jung Chaeyeon showed their playful personalities as they posed multiple cute wacky poses together!

5. CHUNGHA and Cosmic Girls’s Yeonjung

It’s always nice to see the girls from I.O.I. hang out together when they have time!

6. CHUNGHA and Jeon Somi

CHUNGHA and Jeon Somi took adorable pictures with each other showing that they have maintained a close friendship!

7. CHUNGHA and Gugudan’s Mina

CHUNGHA and Gugudan‘s Mina showed their friendship for each other as they attended Cosmic Girls’s concert together to support their friend Yeonjung and other friends from the group like EXY.


CHUNGHA and SUNMI also look like really close friends as they take a wacky selfie together!

9. CHUNGHA and DIA’s Huihyeon

CHUNGHA and DIA‘s Huihyeon seemed to have formed a close friendship with each other as CHUNGHA has posted multiple photos of herself with Huihyeon. The two look cute in their caps!

10. CHUNGHA and LABOUM’s Solbin

CHUNGHA and LABOUM‘s Solbin have sure formed a real friendship and look comfortable with each other in this photo!