10+ Times CLC Eunbin’s Unreal Proportions Had Fans Doing A Double Take

Eunbin’s proportions are incredible!

CLC‘s Eunbin is the group’s gorgeous “giant maknae“, and her tall height and proportions always leave fans in awe! Here are 10+ times Eunbin was a whole bodyline queen!

1. Eunbin’s bodyline is top-notch!


2. She boasts such unreal proportions!


3. Her proportions in casuals is still highlighted so well!


4. Her legs go on for days!


5. Her abs are so toned!


6. Visual maknae is serving only looks!


7. She’s a long-legged beauty!


8. Eunbin’s got perfect proportions!


9. She looks so cute in this outfit!


10. Her sexy side jumps out in this all-black fit!


11. Eunbin’s flaunting her unreal bodyline in this dress!


12. “Me” era Eunbin is iconic!


13. Her proportions are gorgeous in this dress!


14. She’s probably 70% legs only!


15. Her bodyline is so pretty in this outfit!


16. Queen of proportions!


17. She’s really built like that!


18. So beautiful!