10+ Times CLC’s Seungyeon Was The Queen Of Unreal Proportions

Bodyline queen!

CLC‘s Seungyeon is an amazing dancer, and slays every dance move sharply and cleanly! As a dancer, Seungyeon also boasts an incredibly muscular and toned physique, and is an underrated bodyline queen! Here are 10+ times Seungyeon showed off her incredible proportions for fans to marvel at!

1. Seungyeon is a bodyline queen!


2. Black is definitely her color!


3. Her charisma is off the charts!

| @seung_monkey/ Instagram
| @seung_monkey/ Instagram
| @seung_monkey/ Instagram


4. Seungyeon slayed in this stage outfit!


5. She looks amazing in this fit!


6. She ATE this classic fit!


7. Sexy queen!


8. Seungyeon kills it with her charisma and visuals onstage!


9. She’s gorgeous!


10. Her proportions are unreal!


11. Even her casual visuals are stunning!


12. “Hobgoblin” era Seungyeon is so iconic!


13. But “Devil” era Seungyeon SLAPPED!


14. Her visuals are incredible!


15. She’s killing it in this fit!


CLC just made their comeback with “Helicopter”.

Watch the MV here!