10+ Times CLC’s Yeeun Showed Everyone How To Own A Black Outfit

Yeeun in all black is everything!

CLC‘s Yeeun is known to be the group’s charismatic main rapper, and always exudes powerful girl crush vibes! She slays in anything she wears, but the queen dominates in black outfits! Here are 10+ times Yeeun showed everyone how to own a black outfit!

1. Yeeun in a suit is everything!


2. She’s a whole visual in suits!


3. Her charisma is off the charts!


4. “Black Dress” era Yeeun is so iconic!


5. She slays in all black!


6. Her fashion game is on point!


7. She’s gorgeous!


8. This black dress suits her so much!


9. Black is definitely her color!


10. She can pull off anything with such style!


11. So pretty!


12. She’s also a sexy queen!


13. She kills it in her stage outfits!


CLC just made a comeback with “Helicopter”. Check out the MV here!