10 Times ENHYPEN’s Jake and Sunghoon Had The Most Adorable Friendship Ever

“Jakehoon” for life!

One of the most iconic friendships among all of the ENHYPEN members is that between Jake and Sunghoon. Even in their pre-debut days, these two have consistently shown they are truly the ultimate besties, being there for each other through thick and thin!

So, let’s take a look at 10 of Jake and Sunghoon’s most adorable moments:

1. When They Did Their Handshake

One common feature of best-friendships is a cool handshake, something that Jake and Sunghoon have definitely mastered! Their hand movements are so smooth and natural – we wonder how long they’ve been working on it!

2. When They Had A Dance Battle

While competing on the survival show I-LAND, Jake and Sunghoon had to face each other in a dance battle. Even though they were *technically* competing, the two still had a blast dancing together!

3. When They Played Chess

On set (in matching brown outfits!), Jake and Sunghoon began to actually play a game of chess with one of the small boards they were using as a prop! Both members got pretty invested in the game, looking absolutely precious while doing so.

4. When They Napped

This is considered one of the most iconic “Jakehoon” moments by ENGENEs, and for good reason! As Jake began to fall asleep on the couch, exhausted after practicing for such long hours, Sunghoon laid down next to him and encouraged him to keep trying his best.

5. When They Were Bunnies

In a behind-the-scenes clip, Jake and Sunghoon laughed together about wearing giant bunny costumes! When they tried shaking hands, Jake realized Sunghoon’s costume had fingers while his didn’t, resulting in another explosion of giggles.

6. When They Wanted To Be Family

During the finale of I-LAND, Sunghoon was asked to choose which of the other contestant’s younger sisters he would want to meet. He quickly decided on Jake, who said that while he didn’t have a younger sister, he would totally let Sunghoon meet her if he did! The reasoning? Because both of them would end up being family!

7. When They Finished Each Other’s Sentences

In the middle of filming their “Given-Taken” performance with Studio Choom, Jake and Sunghoon appeared on camera together to explain what the group was up to. They successfully got out an entire sentence practically seamlessly, further solidifying their strong connection!

8. When They Pranked Jay

While the contestants of I-LAND were extremely busy practicing their skills, there was still quite a bit of free time they had to themselves to socialize and joke around with each other. Jake and Sunghoon made the most of it by playing a fun prank involving a ‘ghost’ on Jay!

9. When They Recognized Each Other Blindfolded

It’s moments like these that make ENGENEs truly believe Jake and Sunghoon are soulmates! When Sunghoon was challenged to figure out which hands belonged to Jake without being able to see, he easily identified Jake almost immediately!

10. Whenever They Are Together

It’s not every day that you see such an unbreakable bond. Even though all of the members of ENHYPEN care about each other, the friendship between Jake and Sunghoon is definitely something special!

What do you think about Jake and Sunghoon’s wholesome friendship?