10 Times ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Had The Cutest Angry Face Ever

Just look at his dimples!

ENHYPEN‘s Jungwonย has been known for his angelic visuals even before the group’s debut. Praised by many for his charming smile and charismatic personality, it’s no wonder he has attracted fans from all around the world.

Even though Jungwon is the group’s leader, he doesn’t get frustrated too easily. But when he does? ENGENEs still can’t get enough of his adorable expressions! So, let’s take a look at 10 times Jungwon had the cutest angry face ever:

1. When He Competed On I-Land

I-Land was a stressful competition for everyone involved (even ENGENEs!) so it’s not a surprise that Jungwon made this face during the tenth episode!

2. When He Was A Bunny

It’s been a long-running meme that Jungwon looks just like Snowball from The Secret Life of Pets, and we have to admit that the resemblance is uncanny!

3. When He Was Twinning With Ni-Ki

During this livestream, both Jungwon and Ni-Ki had annoyed expressions that made them look almost like siblings!

4. When He Was In The Car

It’s actually quite impressive that Jungwon’s eyes sparkle so brightly even when looking disgusted during a car ride!

5. When He Played Yut Nori

Jungwon may not have gotten the best score when ENHYPEN played Yut Nori, but ENGENEs were more focused on the guest appearance from his precious dimples!

6. When He Looked *So* Done

During this livestream, Jungwon made a look at the camera as though he was in an episode ofย The Office!

7. When He Was Literally A Grumpy Cat

Jungwon’s fierce look won the hearts of many, and this ENGENE made the connection between his deep, piercing eyes and those of this pretty kitty!

8. When He Was A Grumpy Cat (Part 2)

As ENHYPEN continues to show different sides of themselves with their newer releases, Jungwon gazed into the camera intensely just like this beautiful cat!

9. When He Was A Prince

In an episode of ENHYPEN’sย [EN-CORE]ย series on YouTube, Jungwon looked like a total prince while cutely scrunching his face.

10. When He Was Little

Even as a baby, Jungwon’s little face is too cute to handle! We just want to know what made him upset enough to frown but not enough to stop giving the camera ‘Peace’ signs.

Which Jungwon moment is your favorite?