10 Times ENHYPEN’s Sunoo Was A Literal Ray Of Sunshine

Rumors say that it never rains when Sunoo is around.

ENHYPEN‘s Sunoo has often been called the group’s ‘happy vitamin’ by ENGENEs due to his cheerful personality and contagious smile. Not only is he a beacon of light for all of his members, but Sunoo has a natural ability to light up any room he walks into.

So, let’s take a look at 10 times Sunoo shined so bright that he was a literal ray of sunshine:

1. When He Used Sound Effects

On the set of their “Drunk-Dazed” dance performance shoot, Sunoo mentioned that Hawkeye is his favorite Marvel character. When he began to explain how cool the character looks when using a bow and arrow, Sunoo used these cute little sound effects!

2. When He Laughed Like *This*

During the fifth episode of EN-O’CLOCK, the members had a fun time acting as hosts for a home shopping channel. While he was extremely excitable throughout the entire episode, this big, genuine smile and laugh specifically made ENGENEs hearts beat quite a bit faster!

3. When He Posed For Pictures

Being in an idol group, Sunoo often has to pose for the camera. However, he’s all the more endearing when getting funny photos taken by his friends, like fellow member Ni-Ki!

4. When He Tried Being An MC

Last December, Sunoo got to be a Music Bank MC for a short clip with LOONA‘s Heejin to interview the current hosts TXT‘s Soobin and OH MY GIRL‘s Arin! He completely nailed the part, having great chemistry with everyone on set.

5. When He Was Confused

Sometimes when Sunoo is a bit puzzled by the things going on around him, he makes a little thinking expression where his eyes sparkle. One ENGENE made the comparison between Sunoo’s confused face and this precious kitten!

6. When He Spoke Japanese

Sunoo and the rest of ENHYPEN diligently practiced their Japanese language skills in order to communicate with fans for their recent comeback, BORDER : Hakanai. While he may not be fluent yet, Sunoo charmed ENGENEs with his newfound Japanese abilities!

7. When He Was Harley King

Sunoo found a baseball bat and was reminded of popular character Harley Quinn in the middle of the “Drunk-Dazed” dance performance shoot. He then spun the bat around and showed ENGENEs who would definitely be cast in a movie as the gender-bent version, Harley King!

8. When He Made An Elbow Heart

Finger hearts and hand hearts are pretty common in the K-Pop world, but it’s a little rarer to see an idol’s entire arm used to make one! Sunoo’s elbow heart during this relay was truly iconic.

9. When He Did *This* At A Fansign

Speaking of hearts, Sunoo made eye contact with an ENGENE during a fansign and nyam-ed on her lovestruck heart! We still wonder if she’s doing okay since the event.

10. Whenever He Performs!

Even though Sunoo has captivated millions of people all over the world with his personality alone, he was definitely born to be an idol and proves it every time he gets on stage.

What’s your favorite Sunoo moment?



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