10+ Times EXO Members Bullied Eachother

The “S” in “SM Entertainment” stands for “savage”.

The EXO guys have proved time and time again that they are more like brothers than band members. They’re very close…because how can you hit someone who’s far away?


1. When D.O. yanked on Chanyeol’s ear.

When Chanyeol suggested that EXO choose D.O to be their MC, D.O dared him to say it again…

…and Chanyeol made the mistake of complying.


2. When Kai beat up Baekhyun to hide his own embarrassment.

During dinner, Chanyeol complimented Kai on his CFs by telling him that he is in charge of commercials. Kai reacted shyly, then asked Chanyeol is he should try doing a silly CF right there at the dinner table.

Halfway through his attempt, Kai realized it was a complete failure and started beating on Baekhyun.

3. When Xiumin called Chen his wife.

Chen didn’t quite know how to process that.


4. When D.O gave Suho this backhanded compliment.


5. When EXO soaked Suho on stage.

It was all Sehun‘s idea!


6. When D.O. and Chanyeol “fought” at an airport.

Their playfighting started a few light punches…

…and some scarf swatting…

…but quickly escalated.


7. When Chanyeol took an eye for an eye.

Kai got a little overexcited while laughing and slapped Chanyeol.

Chanyeol hit him back hard enough to make Kai drop his card!


8. When Sehun and Kai kicked each other on Weekly Idol. 

Luhan (former member) was supposed to be the one punishing Kai, but since Luhan kicked him too lightly, Sehun stepped in to show him how to do it properly.

When it was Kai’s turn to kick, he took his revenge without holding back.


9. When EXO ganged up on Kai.

Nearly all the members joined in, while Xiumin watching happily from the sidelines.


10. When Chen got called “slow-witted”.

What did he did do to deserve this?


11. When Xiumin blew out Chen’s birthday candle.

Again, what did he do to deserve this?


12. When Suho pretended not to know the answer.

During a segment of Music Bank Stardust, Baekhyun asked Suho who appeared in their “Growl” music video at 3:01. Suho pretended not to know, knowing it was Chanyeol’s part. At the time, Chanyeol was even nicknamed “3:01” because of how handsome he looked during that appearance. Suho then savagely joked by saying that he knew it was Chanyeol’s part because that was Chanyeol’s only appearance in the music video.


13. When D.O. and Baekhyun ranked EXO’s visuals.

On an episode of Weekly Idol, D.O and Baekhyun were asked to rank the members according to their looks. D.O ranked Chen and Baekhyun last. Baekhyun and Chen then fought over who was in second to last place before D.O ultimately chose Baekhyun. When it was Baekhyun’s turn to choose, he took his revenge by putting D.O last. When asked why Chen was close to last, Baekhyun teased him, saying that Chen should be grateful for his spot.


14. When Sehun called D.O. weak.

When Sehun and D.O decided the arm wrestle, it wasn’t much of a match. Sehun easily won and told the other members that D.O. has no strength in his hand.


15. When Xiumin said Chen has “cheap tastes”.