10+ Times EXO Members Went Viral Online, For Unexpected Reasons

Do you remember the “Ko Ko Bop” Challenge?

Most EXO-Ls have discovered EXO through their songs, music videos, or gorgeous photos, but some fans may have found out about them through more unconventional means.


1. The “Ko Ko Bop” Challenge

Last summer, the #KoKoBopChallenge went viral with K-Pop fans young and old.

The challenge, similar to the Harlem Shake, involved a person performing a random or mundane task that would be interrupted by the “Ko Ko Bop” “down down baby” break.

As soon as the break began, the challenger(s) would stop doing whatever they were doing to dance along!


2. D.O.’s Photocard Challenge

When EXO released their winter special album, Universe, they started a brand new EXO challenge. Each album had a collectible photocard inside, but D.O.’s was totally bizarre. Most photocards show idols from their best angle, but D.O.’s photo was taken from such a weird angle that you could only see his shaved head, his forehead, and his eyes.

EXO-L had an absolute field day with this hilarious photocard.  They created the hashtag #KyungsooPcChallenge and posted selfies of themselves “wearing” D.O.’s face!


3. EXO vs Cockroaches

EXO blew up on Instiz after a fan-made comic called EXO vs Cockroaches went viral for its hilarious accuracy. The comic sums up each member’s unique personality with simple stick figures by showing how they would each react when faced with a cockroach.


4.  Sehun’s abs

Sehun showed off his flexibility while taking part in a viral trend called the Belly Button Challenge. When Sehun uploaded this picture of him touching his belly button while putting his arm around his back, fans didn’t care if he won the challenge or not. They were just happy to see his abs!


5. The Yellow Squishy

During one of EXO‘s concerts, the members found a mysterious yellow object and hilarity ensued.

They stretched, twirled, and even jumped rope with it!

Fans loved the performance so much that the original yellow squishy gifs went viral.


6.  The “MAMA” ghost

EXO’s hit song “MAMA” went viral for more reasons than just the music. Rumor has it that a woman’s voice can be heard saying “Xie Xie“ or (“thank you”) during the music video. Her voice does not appear on the album, only in the music video.


7.  Lay’s embrace

In 2016, a video from 2014 MAMA gained a lot of attention after being uploaded to Instagram. Fans got to relive the heartwarming moment when Lay hugged and comforted an emotional Kai after EXO won “Album of the Year” for Overdose.


8. The “Power” Challenge

Just a few short months after the “Ko Ko Bop” dance craze died down, EXO took over the internet with their “Power Challenge”. The challenge, named EXO’s song “Power,” involved getting people to form EXO’s “Power” symbol with their arms.

Within days, the #PowerChallenge began trending on Twitter and a number of EXO’s label-mates such as Red Velvet, NCT Dream, and NCT 127, joined in on the fun.


9. The Happy Camp chicken game

EXO won hearts when they took part in this goofy game during Happy Camp, and it remains a fan favorite to this day.


10. When Chanyeol’s sister reported on EXO’s success

Fans experience a bit of an “EXOception” moment whenever Chanyeol’s sister, Park Yoora, reports EXO news on Korean television. She has reported on EXO’s comebacks, album sales, and album sales.


11. Xiumin’s leaked kiss scene

A leaked picture of Xiumin and actress Kim So Eun sharing a kiss on the cheek went viral on Instiz back in 2015. The kiss scene was from a web drama called Falling for Challenge.