10+ Times Fans Gifted Idols With Questionable Hats At Fan Signing

These are certainly some of the most creative hats around!

1. Chicken Dinner

BTOB‘s Changsub still looks stylish with a chicken on his head.

The chicken hat doesn’t detract from BTS‘s V good-looks.

And Jin proves he can still pull be handsome even with a roast chicken on his head.

EXID‘s Jeonghwa looks surprised by the hat.

Even with it dancing on her head she still looks pretty!

MONSTA X‘s Shownu looks pretty comfortable with the dancing bird on his head!


2. Gone Fishing

MONSTA X Hyungwon‘s visuals are still on point.

He actually looks really cute with a fish on his head!

BTS‘s V also looks adorable! Could you imagine a V fish?


3. Shark Attack!

BTOB‘s Hyunsik looks surprised by the shark biting down on his baseball cap.

But he gets used to the shark attack pretty quickly!

LOONA‘s Yves looks sweet as ever and not scared by her shark hat at all.


4. Octopus Love

EXID seems to get a lot of stranges hats, but Hyerin somehow pulls off the look and it looks like she doesn’t even notice how funny her headwear is!


5. A Rainbow Appears

BTS J-Hope’s sunny personality seems to fit perfectly with his rainbow cap.


6. Burger Night

BTS‘s Suga once told fans he would only wear weird hats. They certainly delivered with this seal topped hamburger!


7. Cute Bunny

BTOB‘s fans love creating fun hats for the members to wear, including this cute bunny!

TWICE‘s Nayeon got her bunny hat to dance along as she sang “What Is Love?”.


8. Wolfpack

Red Velvet‘s Wendy looked like she was the alpha wolf with her crowned wolf hat.


9. Just Desserts

EXID‘s Hyerin got to wear this dessert fish bread hat.

For some reason the hat makes her eyes look super big!

EXID‘s LE got in on the dessert action too!

Although she doesn’t seem as excited to be a dessert!


10. Maleficent

BTS‘s V channeled his inner villian.

And yet he somehow pulls of the horned looked.


11. Dino Time

TWICE‘s Tzuyu looks surprised to suddenly find herself in the mouth of a dino!


12. Unique to BTOB

BTOB’s fans love creating unique hats for their idols like this one-eyed alien.

Sometimes they like to see what they look like with different hairstyles like the time when Changsub wore this curly wig.

Or this balding man cap.

Fans have also gotten super creative and recreated the helmet Changsub wore in one of their MVs.

The fans love to laugh and that may be why they decided to create a swirl of poop for Eunkwang to wear!