10 Fans Who Met Their Loves And Couldn’t Handle It

These fans didn’t know what to do with themselves when they met their biggest idols!

It can be really hard to control yourself if you meet your ultimate bias in person. Here are a few times when fans just couldn’t handle meeting the love of their lives!


1. Jessica Jung’s fan

This fan uploaded an image of herself with Jessica Jung and titled it “I met the love of my life Jessica Jung today!!!”


2. 2PM’s fan

This fan didn’t know what to do with herself when she met the 2PM members at a fansign event. She spoke nonstop, embarrassing the members and the people watching!


3. Red Velvet’s fan

This Thai fan was so touched when she met Red Velvet in Thailand that she couldn’t help but burst into tears, especially when she met her biggest idol, Yeri!


4. BTS Jungkook’s fan

This fan proposed to Jungkook twice before she got pulled away from security. Jungkook said “yes” both times and made this fan the happiest girl alive!


5. GOT7’s fan

This fan was so excited to meet GOT7 that she kept jumping up and down as she passed by them. She got the GOT7 members excited too as they did the same motion back at her.


6. Taeyeon’s fan

This fan cannot hide how happy she is to meet Taeyeon and goes for a big hug before walking off stage.


7. Seungri’s fan

Something that fans can only dream of actually happened in real life! Seungri kissed a fan at a fan meeting in Macau and one can only imagine how the lucky fan felt!


8. MXM’s fan

Anyone could tell this fan was MXM’s biggest fan by watching her review in which she goes on an emotional rollercoaster as she goes to meet her ultimate bias!


9. Red Velvet Joy’s fan

This legendary fan is always there to shout with all his might, “Park Sooyoung (Joy), when you smile I am also happy!” However, he apparently does this not only for Joy, but for a favorite member in each group!


10. IU’s fan

This fan ran up on stage to see IU and then stood frozen and embarrassed in front of the love of his life! Despite his unexpected behavior, the fan was later serenaded by IU up close. What a lucky day for this fan!