10+ Times Former 2NE1 Member Sandara Park Stole The Show In Her Gorgeous Red Carpet Looks

Sandara Park is a visual queen among visual queens!

Former 2NE1 member Sandara Park is a woman famous for her beauty that has remained fairly unchanged in 11 years, and fans believe that with the passing of time, she looks even more beautiful than she did before! Here are 10+ times Sandara Park was an absolute stunner in her red carpet looks, and they will leave you breathless!

1. Sandara Park in this black dress is the definition of “visual”!


2. Her proportions are ridiculously amazing in this strapless dress!


3. Sandara Park proves that all that glitters, is in fact [her] gold[en visuals]!


4. She’s serving classy visuals in this sparkly black gown!


5. This dress was made to flaunt her unreal looks to everyone!


6. Just an angel in white!


7. Sandara Park is stunning in this classic white shirt and black pants combo!


8. No one makes this white suit dress look better than Sandara Park [peep the gorgeous red boots!]!


9. This all-black look complimented by the cream-colored coat makes Sandara Park’s visual stand out even more!


10. High-fashion queen!


11. Dara looks like she’s fit for the runway in this outfit!


12. Sandara Park in a high-ponytail and this outfit is grounds for a new fashion obsession!


13. Who said denim was out of fashion!? Sandara Park is slaying this all-denim look like no one else!


14. LBD’s are something Sandara Park can totally rock, no problem!


15. This multi-colored outfit is so fit for her!