10+ Times f(x)’s Krystal Looked Boss AF In A Classy Suit

Krystal has such classy and chic visuals!

f(x)‘s Krystal is one gorgeous, talented maknae! She’s known for her chic visuals and amazing taste in fashion, and looks beautiful on every occasion! Here are 10+ times Krystal donned a suit, and looked boss AF!

1. Queen of cool visuals!


2. Krystal looks amazing in this suit!


3. Even her casual outfits are super classy!


4. Blue is such a pretty color on Krystal!


5. Krystal is gorgeous in this suit dress!


6. Krystal is beautiful.


7. “Red Light” era Kyrstal was so iconic!


8. She’s such a classy beauty!


9. Krystal in suit dresses is a look!


10. She’s so gorgeous!


11. Her casual fashion is so chic and classy!


12. Such a striking visual!


13. So pretty!


14. Krystal looks amazing in this outfit!


15. She looks comfy and chic!


16. Krystal in short hair is so pretty!