10+ Times GFRIEND’s Sowon Looked Like She Was Walking The Runway In Her Casual Fashion

Sowon’s visuals are just as stunning in her casual looks!

GFRIEND‘s Sowon is the group’s gorgeous visual, and her looks stand out no matter where she is! Here are 10+ times Sowon looked like she was walking the runway in her casual outfits, slaying like the queen she is!

1. This sweater shirt and plaid skirt combo brings highlights her beauty perfectly!


2. Plaid is a pattern that was probably meant for Sowon to slay!


3. Sowon in this simple blouse and shorts combo totally steals the show!


4. Her outfit is peak fall fashion beauty!


5. Just a gorgeous queen coming through with those visuals in a grey dress and leather jacket!


6. Let Sowon be your fall fashion inspo in this gorgeous outfit!


7. Sowon can pull off anything; especially this T-Shirt and plaid skirt combo!


8. Sowon paired a white shirt-dress with a tan coat, and is killing it here!


9. This visual goddess is perfect in this simple top and jeans look!


10. Sowon classes up the simple blouse and shorts combo with a black blazer, tying the look together perfectly!


11. But Sowon in a T-Shirt, cap and ripped jeans is comfort and style at its best!


12. She’s slaying her classy and stylish casual fashion!


13. This all-black look is perfectly paired with Sowon’s angelic visuals!


14. But her angelic beauty goes amazingly with an all-white outfit too!


15. Everything about her look here is a visual feast!


GFRIEND recently made their comeback with their third full album titled Walpurgis Night, and title track “Mago”.

Watch the MV for it here!