10+ Times (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Proved That Even Her Casual Fashion Is Glamorous

She looks good anytime, anywhere!

(G)I-DLE‘s Shuhua is the group’s visual maknae, and her visuals absolutely shine, even in her casual outfits! Here are 10+ times Shuhua positively glowed in her casual fits, and proved her visuals are gorgeous no matter what!

1. Who Said Denim Was Out Of Style? Cause Shuhua Just Brought It Back!

2. Just An Angel Dressed In A Classic White Linen Piece!

3. This Plaid Dress With Puffy Sleeves Is Going Down In History!

4. Everything About This Oversized Tangerine Blazer Look!

5. Button Down Frills Never Looked More Angelic!

6. Shuhua Taking Fashion Trends To The Next Level!

7. Chic queen!

8. She can pull off anything with such ease!

9. Casual style queen!

10. Shuhua in this dress and half ponytail is way cute!

11. She’s so stylish in this fit!

12. Shuhua can rock anything!

13. She’s gorgeous in this dress!

14. She’s working this outfit!

15. No-makeup-Shuhua is the best Shuhua!

16. Another one for bare-faced Shuhua in the prettiest outfit!

17. Shuhua in this style is everything!