10+ Times (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Slayed In The Most Gorgeous Stage Outfits

She serves only visuals!

(G)I-DLE‘s Shuhua is the group’s visual maknae, and looks stunning in every single stage! Here are 10+ times she was a total beauty in her stage outfits!

1. Shuhua’s visuals in this outfit are top-notch!

2. “Lion” era Shuhua was such a powerful serve!

3. Another for (G)I-DLE’s Lion era!

4. This school uniform look is everything!

5. Shuhua rocks this outfit like nobody else!

6. Visual queen!

7. So pretty!

8. This dress looks perfect on Shuhua!

9. She makes this simple outfit look so high-fashion!

10. Her visuals are unreal!

11. Shuhua can really pull anything off!

12. This dress highlights Shuhua’s sexy side so well!

13. She’s pretty in pink!

14. Gorgeous!

15. She’s slaying this floral outfit like a queen!

16. This outfit is perfect on her!

17. Shuhua’s working this outfit!