10 Times K-Pop Girl Group Members Helped Each Other Battle Risky Outfits

Here’s to sisters helping sisters.

K-Pop girl groups wow us on stage not only with their talents, but also with their beauties. This often means they wear more revealing clothes to complement their gorgeous body shapes. And so, female idols are always at risk of having wardrobe malfunctions. Here are 10 times when girl group members discreetly saved each other from such emergencies from happening!


1. TWICE’s Jeongyeon & Dahyun

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon made sure no bumpy ride would ever reveal Dahyun‘s bare legs. Even when she’s struggling to keep herself balanced, Jeongyeon protected Dahyun by grabbing on to the blanket covering over her skirt.


2. Red Velvet’s Seulgi & Wendy

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is well known to be considerate of her fellow members. When she has the chance, she will get out of the car first to hold a towel in front of the door – like she is doing for Wendy here – so the rest of the members can get off without worrying about their short skirts revealing too much!


3. MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul & Hwasa

MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul guarded Hwasa‘s low-cut top with her bare hands so nothing got overshared!


4. Apink’s Eunji & Chorong

Although she isn’t fully shown, Apink‘s Eunji is actually the Captain Hook hand that is pulling the knitted sweater up for her fellow member Chorong.


5. EXID’s Solji & Hani

Here’s EXID‘s Solji being a mom to Hani who is bent forward in a revealing top. Thanks Mama Solji!


6. GFRIEND’s Sowon & Eunha

While GFRIEND‘s Yerin is a master at preventing wardrobe malfunctions, Eunha needed a bit of assistance in holding her skirt down. Sowon came to her rescue and helped secure the skirt in place!


7. OH MY GIRL’s Jiho & YooA

OH MY GIRL YooA‘s skirt rode up a bit while she was getting up from her seat. Her fellow member Jiho caught it and quickly pulled it down – saving YooA from an embarrassing malfunction moment!


8. AOA’s Chanmi & Seolhyun

The same thing happened to AOA‘s Seolhyun. When her skirt rode up a bit too high as she got off her seat to grab some more food, keen-eyed Chanmi saw it before anyone else and came to Seolhyun’s rescue!


9. AOA’s Jimin & Choa

AOA‘s Jimin was super discreet in handing a piece of paper over to former member Choa, so she could cover herself up a little bit. Choa realized what Jimin meant and safely prevented herself from revealing too much!


10. I.O.I’s Doyeon & Sohye

Former members of the project group I.O.I, Doyeon (who is now a part of Weki Meki)and Sohye also had to deal with their super-flowy skirts on a windy day. Doyeon, while grabbing on to her own skirt, helped Sohye secure hers – with hands as quick as lightening!

Source: THEQOO
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