10+ Times Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Was An Elegant Queen In Gorgeous Gowns

Sooyoung in gowns is everything!

Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung is well-known for her tall, lithe frame, that helps her carry off anything she wears amazingly! When Sooyoung wears gowns, she transforms into an elegant beauty on which the gowns fits like a glove! Here are 10+ times Sooyoung channeled her inner regal queen in a gorgeous gown, and had fans shook at her visuals!

1. This gown looks so beautiful on her!


2. This gold gown makes her shine!


3. Her visuals in white are amazing!


4. Her tall frame makes this gown looks incredible!


5. She’s pulling this gown off so well!


6. She looks incredible in this gown!


7. Sooyoung in short hair and this gown needs a comeback!


8. Sexy queen!


9. She’s gorgeous!


10. Sooyoung is a visual queen in this gown!


11. Her visuals are unreal!


12. This white gown makes her look angelic!


13. Sooyoung in this gown is everything!


14. This gown makes her look so pretty!


15. This gown looks so pretty on her!

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