10+ Times Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Was A Fashion Icon In Her Casual Outfits

Sooyoung is a style queen!

Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung is a gorgeous woman, and over the years, fans have always complimented her great sense of style! Here are 10+ times Sooyoung was a whole queen in her casual fashion, and caught the eyes and fancies of everyone!

1. Sooyoung is killing it in this edgy casual fit!


2. She’s a stylish queen!


3. She can slay casual fits like nobody else!


4. Sooyoung’s airport fashion is always so comfy and classy!


5. Queen looks EXPENSIVE.


6. Her short hair was so iconic!


7. It’s just a T-Shirt and jeans combo, but Sooyoung makes it look so good!


8. She can pull off anything!


9. She suits this look so much!


10. She’s slaying this comfy look!


11. Sooyoung looks so high-class, no matter what!


12. This was taken when Sooyoung realized she forgot her passport at home, but her visuals still slap!


13. This simple look has Sooyoung written all over it!


14. She’s gorgeous!

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