10+ Times Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Turned Heads With Her Chic And Classy Casual Fashion

Her casual fashion game is top-tier!

Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona is a visual queen, whose appearances everywhere are extremely looked forward to by fans! Whether she’s dressed to the nines or shows up looking comfy and casual, one thing is for certain- her visual is top-tier, no matter what! Here are 10+ times Yoona was seen in her casual fashion, and hailed for her beauty and incredible sense of style!

1. This coat dress does so much justice to her visuals!


2. Her casual fashion is unbeatable!


3. Yoona in hats is a superior look!


4. This plaid coat looks so good on her!


5. Another one for Yoona in hats!


6. This look is simple, but Yoona is killin’ it!


7. So pretty!


8. Yoona is serving such cool visuals in this outfit!


9. Chic queen!


10. Yoona in this white coat is a look!


11. She’s so cute in this casual outfit!


12. She’s such a queen in this all-black outfit!


13. She’s gorgeous!


14. Yoona in coats is such an underrated look!


15. Yoona’s casual fashion is super sophisticated!


16. She looks amazing in this leather jacket!

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