10+ Times Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Had Fans Falling For Her Beauty In The Prettiest Gowns

No one does red carpet gowns like Yoona!

Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona is regarded to be one of K-Pop’s OG visual queens, who set the trend for all girl group visual members to follow! She always looks beautiful, but is especially stunning when she makes her grand entrance at red carpet events! Here are 10+ of her most gorgeous red carpet looks; one look and you’ll have to agree- the queen’s snatched!

1. This fitted, nude-toned gown

Yonna looks like a goddess!


2. This grey-silver sequined gown

She looks so pretty!


3. This pink ruffled gown

This gown suits her so much!


4. This red, one-shouldered gown

Yoona is one gorgeous lady in this dress!


5. This pretty black gown

This gown makes her shine!


6. This gorgeous pale blue gown

Yoona’s positively glowing in this outfit!


7. This soft yellow gown

Yellow is just another color that Yoona absolutely slays!


8. This beautiful white gown

She looks like a princess in this outfit!


9. This plain pink gown

Yoona’s a pink beauty!


10. This blue gown

Blue is definitely her color!


11. This red, off-shouldered gown

Yoona is such a gorgeous woman!


12. This beautiful black gown

She’s the picture of elegance in this gown!

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