10+ Times Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Lived Up To Her Rep As The Original “Best Body Of K-Pop”

She’s an absolute visual queen!

Girls’ Generation has had almost 13 years of experience as an idol group, and for most of those 13 years, Yuri has been raised immensely for her visuals and clean dance lines onstage! Here are 10+ times that Yuri showed off her unreal proportions, and proved why she’s the original “Best body of K-Pop”!

1. “I Got A Boy” era Yuri is gorgeous!


2. Her body-line is amazing!


3. Queen of S-lines!


4. Yuri is a visual queen!


5. She’s gorgeous!


6. “Party” era Yuri is beautiful!


7. Her visuals are unreal!


8. Such a fit queen!


9. She always shines on stage!


10. Yuri’s sexy side is everything!


11. She slays any outfit she tries on!


12. Yuri is so pretty!


13. Yuri is a goddess!


14. Her photoshoots in jeans are everything!


15. Yuri in these teasers is so gorgeous!

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