10+ Times Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Flaunted Her Endless Legs Like The Queen She Is

She’s the queen of proportions!

Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung is the tallest member of her group, and has been infamous for her model-like proportions ever since her debut! Here are 10+ times that fans were totally blown away by Sooyoung’s endless legs!

1. “Party” era served some iconic Sooyoung looks!


2. This dress is gorgeous on her, and highlights her long legs so well!


3. Sooyoung is literally 75%legs in this outfit.


4. Her legs are so pretty in these thigh-high boots!


5. This comfy fit is so cute!


6. Sooyoung’s visuals in this dress show off her long legs beautifully!


7. Sooyoung knows how to work a pair of jeans so well!


8. Model material right here!


9. So pretty!


10. Her legs are endless!


11. Queen of proportions!


12. Her casual fashion is such a serve!


13. Another one for her visuals in her casual fashion!


14. Her legs go on for days!


15. She’s flaunting her legs in the sexy outfit so perfectly!

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