10+ Times Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Was A Whole Visual In The Prettiest Gowns

She looks crazy good in gowns!

Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri has always been praised for her healthy and fit body, so much so that she was known as the original best body of K-Pop! Here are 10+ times Yuri showed off her amazing physique in the prettiest gowns, making fans fall for her even more!

1. Yuri is a whole visual in this red gown!


2. Her visuals are unreal in this strapless black number!


3. This blue gown is working for her!


4. She looks beautiful in this white gown!


5. She’s so pretty in this blue number!


6. She’s slaying in this pink gown!


7. Her proportions are insane!


8. Queen of white gowns!


9. This gown was meant for her!


10. She’s gorgeous!


11. Sexy Yuri in this black gown is everything!


12. She’s a vision in white!


13. She can pull off anything!

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