10+ Times GOT7 Members Bullied Each Other On Camera

GOT7 are so close they aren’t afraid to annoy the hell out of each other.

GOT7 debuted in 2014, so they’ve spent a lot of time together and are close like siblings. That means they aren’t afraid to bully and tease each other, pick fights and laugh at each other! Check out some times they proved they were just like brothers by getting on each others nerves.


1. When Jackson was rude to Youngjae

During IGOT7, international fans thought Jackson really was bullying Youngjae in some episodes and even called for Jackson to be nicer to him, even though the show was scripted and Jackson was acting – and Youngjae himself wasn’t offended.


2. When BamBam and Mark kept interrupting Jackson during a live broadcast

The rest of the members kept telling them to be quiet and let Jackson speak.


3. When Yugyeom went too far calling Jinyoung and JB “fools”

JB was getting irritated at the end!


4. When JB was allowed to be late

It was all in good fun, but Jackson was walking a fine line…


5. When the rest of the members put too much pressure on JB

He got super stressed!


6. When everyone teased Yugyeom about his attitude change post-debut

And he argued about it.


7. When the members took “Jaebum-ah” too far

On Weekly Idol, the other members, all younger than JB (except Mark), began yelling “Jaebum-ah!” informally and JB went after them for the disrespect.


8. When Mark said BamBam would die first


9. When Yugyeom admitted he didn’t want Youngjae as a brother

They would fight over things!


10. When Mark “shhh”ed BamBam


11. When they let their brother die…


12. When Yugyeom said he wanted to switch with Mark to be the oldest and Jackson roasted him for it

And then the rest of the members jumped to tease each other as fast as they could.